Made in the USA

Look at the labels on your clothing, your kids’ toys, your electrical products, your appliances.  Chances are, you’ll see that they are not Made in the USA. In a world of outsourcing and globalization, Crimson Trace makes a continuous effort to stay loyal to its country and its workers by building our products in the US, and has since our genesis in 1994.

Our single building is multi-faceted and encompasses all aspects of our business under one roof: engineering, production, sales, marketing, and customer service. From start to finish, our laser sights make their way through the process in Wilsonville, Oregon, and into the homes of responsible citizens all over the country.


Crimson Trace is a global brand and an industry leader, but we are also a "local" business, and supporting other local businesses is important to us. We work closely with other Portland metro-area companies to deliver top-notch, award-winning products to our customers.

Whether your laser sight is used for home defense, concealed carry, military, or law enforcement use, the quality of our American-made Lasergrips®, Laserguard®, Lightguard™ or MVF-515™ won’t dim through the years.


Defending my family and myself is my responsibility to God for His precious gift of life. I keep and bear arms accordingly, and the Crimson Trace laser sighting system optimizes my capabilities to survive. It's quality stuff for quality of life.

-Ted Nugent - President of United Sportsmen for America, Author and Musician

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