The World's Only Grip-Integrated Laser Sights

In the spring of 1994, Crimson Trace developed and sold its first laser sight - an internal system for Glock pistols - and the handgun market hasn’t been the same since.  Just two years later, the newly patented, user-installed Lasergrips® were unveiled at the 1996 SHOT Show and the laser sighting revolution was on.   Over the years, the engineers at Crimson Trace have dedicated themselves to constant improvement and evolution of products that now number almost 100 – all proudly made in the United States.                      

As the world’s only grip-integrated, instinctively activated laser sight, Crimson Trace created a market with one goal in mind: to provide responsible firearms owners with a decisive aiming advantage that was reliable, ergonomic and simple to use – making confident and better shooters.


Gun Talk Covers New Laser Course

Gun Talk Radio host Tom Gresham interviewed Gunsite Academy Training Director Dave Starin for full details on the upcoming Crimson Trace Gunsite 250 Course...

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Crimson Trace Leads with Clean Green™

Crimson Trace announces the release of numerous Clean Green™ products in the company's growing line of green laser sights...

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Gunsite Academy Offers Crimson Trace Laser Course

The only thing that could possibly improve the 250 Defensive Pistol experience for students at Gunsite Academy would be training on the advantages of using laser sights...

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Crimson Trace 1911 Upgrades Grow

With the recent anniversary of famed gun maker John M. Browning's birthday, it's a great occasion to re-examine one of his great masterpieces - the 1911 Pistol...

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Crimson Trace Ships 2 Millionth Product

As Crimson Tracecelebrates 20 years in the shooting industry in 2014, the company is also noting another monumental milestone—that the two millionth Crimson Trace product recently shipped...

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Crimson Trace Draws Record Recognition

The Crimson Trace booth at the 2014 SHOT Show was a top destination for thousands of visitors and buyers in search of laser sighting and tactical lighting devices...

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Crimson Trace Announces GLOCK 42 Laserguard®

Crimson Trace announces a first-in-the-industry laser sighting system that securely fits onto one of the industry’s newest handguns: the GLOCK 42...

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Crimson Trace Selects Sunderlin as Armorer

Crimson Trace, the world's leading brand of laser sights and tactical lighting products for firearms, announces the hiring of Charlie Sunderlin as the company's new armorer.

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Crimson Trace To Release Rail Master® Pro™

Crimson Trace's Rail Master laser sighting systems and tactical lights have dramatically grown in popularity since their introduction. The durable and compact...

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Crimson Trace Celebrates 20 Years

When Lewis Danielson and his fellow engineers in a small Portland, OR machine shop began tinkering with laser sighting devices for handguns in the early 1990's they had no idea...

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The Laser's Edge

Our new HD video raises the bar for laser training and education. Order your FREE DVD today!

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Powered by Google Maps™, our Store Locator can find an Authorized Crimson Trace dealer near you.

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Introducing Crimson Club™, a FREE consumer loyalty program. Get Products. Get Involved. Get Rewards™.

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