The question is no longer “do laser sights have a place in the world of handguns and personal defense”. That answer has long been a resounding “YES”. Today the specific question has become, “how much more effective will laser sights make me as a shooter?”

The answer, simply stated, is this: Crimson Trace laser sights provide you with instant and overwhelming advantages with a gun in your hand.  Advantages you wouldn’t otherwise have.  Advantages that mean everything in that split second when everything can change.

In general, handguns are compact firearms that can be difficult to aim and shoot accurately and effectively.  Crimson Trace lasers offer the advantage of consistent and accurate output. This translates into increased confidence and pistol shooting accuracy - even in tense and threatening scenarios, when hours and hours of vigilant training can disappear in a haze of panic and confusion. 

It’s no secret that shooters of all skill levels own laser sights.  What’s less understood is that everyone can become a better, more confident shooter with the advanced technology and quality engineering of our ever-expanding line of laser sighting products.


I admit to being skeptical as far as these being worth the 'bang for the buck'. I'm now up to 5 sets in just a few years. None have ever failed on me, and the fact simply is that both my accuracy and speed...is significantly improved with these grips.

-Steve - Mineral, VA

Sounds like big talk, but the proof is in the shooting - backed by elite military and law enforcement agencies worldwide, not to mention thousands of responsible armed citizens nationwide. If you’re serious about being the best shooter you can be, you owe it to yourself to equip your guns with the Immediate, Decisive, Advantage™ that only Crimson Trace laser sights can provide.

The Laser's Edge

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